VAKANTIEHUIS JIVKA  bij de beek " Dřevíč " , in Jívka , REUZENGEBERGTE, TSJECH

 PERSONEN: max 11.  HONDEN gratis.  OMHEINDE TUIN.  SLAAPKAMERS: 3.  TOILETTEN 2.  DOUCHE.  WASTAFELS 2.     WASMACHINE.  HAARD.  SAT-TV.   SPEELTOESTELLEN.   Wandelroutes.  Meertje.  Bergen.  Heuvels.  Weiden.  Rotsen.  Rivieren.  Beekjes. Skipistes. 


Vakantiehuis Jívka:
Skipiste Zacler / Prkenny Dul

The village Zacléř is located in the east part of Giant Mountain. Ski area in Prkenný Důl is very good ski centre in east part of Giant Mountain. The centre provides the ski lifts and pistes of all difficulty levels. 
Beautiful nature offers good conditions also for cross-country skiing. The main field is ridge of Rýchory, the border-cross with Poland direction to Horní Lysečiny and Malá Úpa. 

The other services:
- checking system SKIDATA
- parking place directly in ski centre - free of charge!
- rental shop of ski equipment
- ski service, ski school and nursery
- snopark
- artificial snow-making system, regularly mechanical maintenance
- snack bars, restaurant Zelený Mlýn, accommodation
- rides on horses.
We offer to our guests: bowling, sauna, fit centre, solarium and discotheques.

Above sea level 550-850 m Number of chair lifts/ski lifts 0/4 Total length of routes 6 km Transport capacity (Pers./hour) 3500 Pers./hour Artificial snow 4 km (66.7%)

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